A Perfect Love

I John 4:18 “Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear.” If I were to never know human failure, I would never understand my need to run to You. The rejection of humanity and it’s flawed version of love pushes me to search for You. My spirit longs for a safe place, … More A Perfect Love

The Call

I think I was around 12. Twelve years old is when I first knew that I wanted to serve God with my entire life. I guess you could say it was when I discovered that I couldn’t feel okay with seeing myself doing anything else. It was the only future picture of myself that I … More The Call

Life in Loss

Loss is strange, isn’t it? It’s unsettling, unwanted. It has all these… layers. It’s heavy and dark, thick, and almost tangible somehow. I can’t even begin to accurately describe it. It’s something we were never meant to experience. Death, though so natural, feels the most unnatural thing about life. Let me give you a little back … More Life in Loss

The Little Things

  “Will you snuggle with me?” she asked.   As a parent of multiple children, I know how important bedtime is to the well-being of the parental structure and to the stability of the entire universe for that matter. Those last moments when you are puffing through on fumes, to finally cross over the finish line … More The Little Things