A Perfect Love

I John 4:18 “Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear.”

If I were to never know human failure, I would never understand my need to run to You. The rejection of humanity and it’s flawed version of love pushes me to search for You. My spirit longs for a safe place, a security that can’t be broken, a constant, unconditional, and in it’s deepest part, a perfect love. A peace unknown to this world. A peace unattainable in humanity.

It is only through experiencing pain, and brokenness in human relationship that I am able to comprehend some fragment of who You really are, why I need You, and why my soul longs for You. I hate my pain, but it is only through trials that challenge who I am, my value, my worth, my contribution to this life, that I am plunged more deeply into You, and made more desperate for You than every day before. How could I have known this for so long but never understood it? Your Spirit communing with mine; a revelation of all of Your words spoken through the ages in one small moment. Not in my head, but into my very soul.

I need You.

And not just that I need because I have been damaged, but because I was designed for You. To be found in You, held by You, known by You, cherished, desired, all of it. How is it that I can just now see it?

A perfect love.

When humans fail, I can see You, run to You, be loved wholly and completely. Loved without contention, without expectation, without fear, without resentment, pity, guilt, or shame.

Just loved.

You meet me with Your perfect love in my flawed reality. I couldn’t see it, understand it, or even know I needed it without a broken humanity. Your perfect love is enough. It is all I need. In every tainted moment, in every hurt, sorrow, and sadness, I am met with a perfect love.



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