The blog

I never “wanted” kids. I had plans. I had goals. I had… a baby!!  To my 22 year-old self, being a mom= death to everything I wanted. I was so DEVASTATED that my husband thought I had cancer before I could sputter out the words, “I’m pregnannnnt!!!” You get the picture?

But as you can probably guess, that baby changed my life. The tiny intrusive human that was going to steal everything from me, and force me to sacrifice my identity to become “just a mom”, ended up being the most beautiful, perfect thing that has ever entered my life. How could I instantaneously love something so deeply it made my heart hurt? How could everything I thought I wanted seem so miniscule now, next to this glowing little bundle?  I knew I would gladly sacrifice anything for this sweet face, and it hit me; “how could I have been so… wrong?”

It has been through a process that I have learned to love and embrace being a mom. Four babies later, and A LOT of grace-filled moments of surrender and learning to trust that God wants good for me and sometimes things don’t turn out the way I thought they would,  I understand (mostly) that I don’t have to fit any certain mold or stereotype, pretend to be the most godly woman (because I’m not),  or win the “Suzy Homemaker of the Year” award, but that I can just be me. And I can do this “mom thing”at the same time. My hope for this blog is that it will be a cozy little nook where  you will be encouraged, and  find something that resonates with you. I hope my experiences will inspire you in some way, and that you’ll be able to see my heart for Jesus, my family, and people. For all the moms, and not-so moms, this is for you! Have a blessed day, and thanks for stopping by!